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Tuesday 11th of May 2021


Build and maintain office networks with file and printer servers. Train your employees to work in a networked environment. Setup firewall services to protect your network.


Advantages of file servers

  • Centralized file storage accessible to all the employees.
  • Accessing up to date information.
  • Simplified backup solutions - automated backups of the server.
  • Enhanced security - focus is on securing the server.

  • Set up wireless coverage for hotels and large office buildings.
  • Customized home page with business logo and optional login screen.
  • Set up encryption and security features.

Any computer system is prone to error and data loss. Electrical surges, power outages and thunderstorms can cause a serious damage to your equipment and information. The value of your business information is realized only after you suffer loss. It is much easier to set up automated data backup before unfortunate event.


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